Don Miguelo is really “The best on the block”! broke its own record with more than 26,000 people who attended the “Don Miguelo Live 2.0” concert.

Don Miguelo 12

When talking about quality and versatility in urban music, one name that should always be highlighted is that of the singer Don Miguelo and these qualities were reconfirmed this Sunday night with his concert “Don Miguelo Live 2.0”, on the streaming platform, produced by Fidel Romeo.

“Como yo le doy”, “Llevo la vainita”, “7 locas”, “La hoja de volteó” and “Llama y cierra” were the first songs with which Don Miguelo began his journey through his most popular hits, which were performed on a colourful stage adorned with spectacular scenery.

Nine musicians were tasked with clearly setting to music each song performed by the singer-songwriter, who immediately said: “Likewise without breathing, I did not come to talk, whoever wants those concerts talking they have to pay another live, here I did not come to talk”, then he immediately sang one of his old hits “La cola de motora”.

“Ella se cree” followed by “Gotas de lluvia” with the voice of Edwin Ezequiel Evangelista, one of Don Miguelo’s musicians and choristers, “Pa’qué me dan de eso?” and “Ella quiere con Don”, followed in the repertoire composed of more than 15 songs.

The popular urban exponent Bulin 47 was the first guest on stage at Ultra Conciertos, with the hit “Lo vibró 2.0”, a song that they not only performed in its original version, but also in bachata. After this performance Bulin showed his talent playing the timpani to the rhythm of “Cuero na’ ma'”.

Don Miguelo 11

The first meeting with Bulin 47

“El mejor del bloque” (The best of the block), as Don Miguelo also calls himself, revealed that, that evening, he met Bulin personally, because although they recorded the song together, they had never met.

“Carne”, “Sin maquillaje”, “Nota de pasión”, “Disfuto” and a medley of bachata and merengue performed by Evangelista and Don Miguelo as a chorister, joined the exquisite repertoire danced by a group of coquettish dancers.

After singing “El marido de tu mujer” and “Pa’ que tu me saluda”, Diamond La Mafia, one of the most promising new talents in urban music in the country, appeared on stage to sing with Miguelo “No somos compatibles”.

With the hit “¿Y qué fue?” and after greeting the Haitian community, Don Miguelo said goodbye after more than an hour and twenty minutes of concert.

Fidel Romeo, producer of the show and owner of the platform, is already preparing other concerts that will be announced later.