Dj Nabil embarks on a tour in the USA with his best mixes

The rise of urban music has greatly benefited DJs, who for the past few years have stood out and shine with their own light. One of them is Dj Nabil, who after gaining popularity through his participation in the Alofoke Radio Show, is now at the top.

DJ Nabil 2

Nabil Francisco Rodríguez Fernández, known as Dj Nabil, is preparing to tour the United States in mid-August, where he will bring the best of his mixes to various entertainment venues.

Fernández, who has had the opportunity to open concerts for international artists such as Arcángel, is also part of the talents of the Alofoke Radio Show platform, since 2018, a space that has given him the opportunity to develop in other areas such as radio host.

“My contribution to Alofoke Radio is always to document and give my point of view on urban music topics well “underground”, from the inside, what happens in the neighborhoods, how the music spreads and that different aspect that is not seen in social networks because it’s part of the deepest side of the neighborhood. There is a “delay” in the music, because before artists wanted to be played first on the radio rather than in the neighbourhood, but now it’s all different, what works in the neighbourhood reaches the social networks and then it has to be played on the radio, and that’s where my part in the most watched programme in the Caribbean comes in, he explained,

The DJ, who has been in the music world for almost a decade, says that his debut “was very simple because, first I adapted to what worked in order to fit in, then I was looking for that north to be able to stand out and be a little different but, without going out of what is called normality, to continue being something consumable in discotheques. At the beginning I was the same as usual, a DJ who put songs with intros and animated a little with the microphone, but then I took the rhythm of the animation with cuts in the music and I moved the intros of the songs with ‘Cue’ and cuts of animation, then I completely changed the format of just mixes and I left the monotony with an animation and a voice different from what they were already used to hear”.