The elderly to the theater with a special discount

The theater company, Atrévete SRL, in collaboration with the Fundación Manos Arrugadas (Wrinkled Hands Foundation) opens a space in the National Theater so that the elderly enjoy a staging with high artistic standards.

Gianni Paulino y Giamilka Roman Obra Big Capital 1

Over 65-year-old people will receive a 15% discount when they will attend the “Big Capital” performances which will take place in the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater, from August 16.

The work will present to the elderly person, how the world of women changed from the 20th to the 21st century, those who previously worked at home became bosses of the business leadership, they assume male stereotypes which were previously criticized and face up to the battles of life with courage.

In the elderly, theatre feeds a healthy emotional intelligence, presents a reality different from theirs, so it is a window for escape and entertainment that makes them leave their home and connect with people of their age in a pleasant and inspiring environment which helps their physical and mental health.

They can enjoy a quasi-real staging because the hyperrealistic work produced by Gianni Paulino invites to live a sensory experience, to go into a business center where the audience will receive a shift, information flashes, music, images, sounds, that will connect it to a situation that will be staged by the actors but they will feel as they are part, as if it was real.

Gianni Paulino y Giamilka Roman Obra Big Capital 2

A good work for the elderly person

Germana Quintana, the director of the work, brings together the characters on stage: the CEO, the client, the husband and also the technology, a resource that uses Dominican filmmaker and scriptwriter Iván Alcántara, the author of the work.

Gianni Paulino, producer, actress and social activist said: “This work is good for the elderly person because it shows him or her how the world has changed, things are not worth what they are, but what we would be willing to pay for them if we lost them and that makes us reassess what is really important in life”.

Atrévete SRL invites the elderly to leave their home, to enjoy friendly meetings, board games, going out to restaurants, to the movies, to the theater, they must not count on their children but they must organize their weekend hobbies and enjoy life.

The producer of the works “El Aplauso va por dentro”, “Brujas somos todas”, “La Dama de Negro”, “Las Preciosas Ridículas”, “TOC TOC” and “Le Prénom”, will present the drama “Big Capital”, from August 16 in the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater and the tickets will be in Uepa Tickets.

Big Capital 3