“Stand Viejos” returns to Escenario 360 this coming Saturday, October 22

For the show, only general tickets are available, special guest and VIP tickets are sold out.

After seven performances, Jochy Santos, Felipe Polanco “Boruga” and Cuquín Victoria are back with the comedy show “Stand Viejos”, next Saturday, October 22 at Escenario 360.

This trio continues to prove that “Stand Viejos” is the ideal vaccine to entertain the audience, which has turned this event into one of the most successful comedy shows, produced by Ramses Peralta.

A complete programme where everyone takes out of his trunk his best jokes, anecdotes, parodies, stories, imitations and stand up performances, will be experienced again on the stage located in Galería 360.

Starting at 9:00 pm, Jochy, Cuquín and Boruga will be offering the best of their repertoires in the show that will be opened by one of the emerging comedians : Eduardo Santos.

“We will be arriving at the eighth performance of this show that has become the favorite of an audience that enjoys the humor of these veterans who combine yesterday with today. So everyone who has not yet enjoyed this show has the opportunity to do so, and those who want to come back too”, said the producer.