Award winning Spanish play “7 años” arrives in the Sala Ravelo

The Dominican theater scene hosted in the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater on Thursday, July 4, the Spanish production “7 Años” (7 years) written by José Cabeza and Julia Fontana ; it arrived in the country through the producing company Atrévete, Srl.

This play, which is an adaptation of the first Spanish original movie on Netflix, is directed by Elvira Tavéras and performed by stars such as Amauris Pérez, Gianni Paulino, José Roberto Díaz, Brian Payano and Exmin Carvajal.

“7 Años”, with 16 nominations in the Goya Awards, is about four partners who formed a successful company and embezzled millions to a tax haven, and after they were discovered they are sentenced to 7 years in prison. Between them they must decide who will assume the corporate fault for all and for that, they hire a mediator.

The production company Atrévete, Srl has already tasted success with “Big Capital”, “Le Prénom”, “TOC TOC”, “Brujas, somos todas”, “La Dama de Negro”, “Las Preciosas Ridículas” and “El Aplauso va por dentro” and, with this play, it will be scored one more achievement.

The production team is made up of Ángela Bernalen for scenography, Rosa Rodríguez for graphic design, Vanessa Guzmán, costumes and makeup, Ana Marmolejos for production coordination. Tickets to enjoy the eighth theatrical presentation of the company Atrévete, srl are on sale at Uepa Tickets.

Actores de la Obra¨7 AnÞos¨. Jose Roberto Diaz, Br
Actors from the play “7 años”: José Roberto Díaz, Brian Payano, Gianni Paulino, Amauris Perez.