Shoomy: a golden voice from Haiti

Her name is Minouche Chouloute, her artist’s name is Shoomy, she was born in Port-au-Prince 30 years ago and she is today one of the most beautiful voices in Haiti.

Many people discovered her with the song “Lap difisil”, released last May, a song about love in a mix of konpa and zouk-love. However, Shoomy is not a newcomer to the world of song. Even if, when she was very young she had a passion for singing and joined the Shekania choir, where she became the lead vocal for 4 years, becoming a professional singer was a dream that she did not think to achieve. Indeed, the young Haitian began studying civil engineering in order to have a “serious” job and earn a living. But very quickly the young student turned to scenic coaching, computer science and computer graphics, knowledge that, according to her, should help her to devote herself fully to music.

Shoomy 3

Many performances

In 2016, she participated in the 4th edition of the Digicel Stars competition, but she was eliminated in the semi-final, to the great despair of the public who discovered her talent. Despite this failure, Shoomy performed on several stages in Haiti and Canada, including singing konpa with the female band Artiz. In 2017, the artist performed in the show “Cabaret Night” under the supervision of Ralph LeRoy at Le Villate (Pétion-Ville). In 2018, she released a single entitled “Tounen” for which she wrote the lyrics. That same year, she won the Sing at Compas Fest competition, which allowed her to perform on stage the Haitian national anthem, “La Dessalinienne”, at the 20th edition of Haiti Compas Festival in Miami. In 2019, she participated in the International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince.

Shoomy 5

A first album in preparation

In 2020, during the Covid-19 epidemic, Shoomy was among the first Haitian artists to perform live on social networks. The singer is also part of Azueï, a bi-national artistic movement that aims to promote peace between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Moreover, she has already sung several times for the Dominican audience, notably at the Quelonios Festival. This action of fraternity has already earned her collaborations with renowned artists such as Dadou Pasquet (Magnum Band), Patrick Handal (Skandal) on the famous track “Ti Bway” released in 1988 and BiC on the track “Djab pas kontem”.

Currently, Shoomy is preparing her first album with Raoul Denis Junior.