El Bloonel, king of dembow of the new school

Considered by many as one of the best representations of the emerging urban music scene, El Bloonel continues to stand out for his versatility and style. With songs like “Muévelo así” along with Atomic Otro Way, Ceky Viciny and El Super Nuevo, he has been gaining ground in the industry.

But this collaboration is not the only one with which the artist is broadcast on radio stations and digital platforms, because it’s also the case with the song “Sin beso” with Bayron Fire, one of Chile’s most outstanding urban artists.

“I feel super happy with all the support I’m receiving in my career, both from the audience and from my colleagues who have shaken my hand and my work team made up of Nativo Prada, Guanikiki Music, Dj Estrella and Dj Micky El Tsunami, who are joining forces to ensure that this project continues to transcend”, said the singer.

Daniel Bido, El Bloonel’s real name, is preparing another song that will be released soon with El Fother. Born in Santo Domingo, El Bloonel has compiled part of his songs on an EP entitled “My G”.

According to the artist, his proposal is there to stay, as he has the talent and charisma to stay in the competitive urban industry. In a short time, he has already achieved notoriety and respect both from old school exponents and from new school colleagues, thanks to the release of songs such as “Yo tengo flow” he recorded with Ceky Viciny and “Yo tengo un flow (remix)” with Ceky Viciny, Bulin 47, Bulova, Químico Ultramega and El Tonto, the latter of which has reached more than 1 million views on YouTube in just two weeks.