Saël unveiled his new single “Bague au doigt”

Martinican reggae singer Saël, with multiple awards (Sacem Award Best Reggae Artist in 2000 when he was only 22 years old, Ragga Revelation of the Year Award at the NRJ Mizik Awards in 2001, Sacem Author Award in 2002, Sacem Success Award in 2002, Sacem Song of the Year Award in 2002 and Caribbean Best Album Award in 2002), released on Friday, November 25 his single entitled “Bague au doigt”.

This track with an urban rhythm, composed with the collaboration of Guadeloupean Staniski, allows the singer of “Tchimbé raid pa moli” (2006) or “Vivre est une chanson” (2002) – universal messages that have crossed the time – to express himself in another musical genre with very “light” lyrics.

With this song “Bague au doigt” Johann Garnier, his real name, launched the “Don’s Collector 5” compilation by producer and artist Don Miguel, founder of the label Don’s Music in 1994. Besides Saël, it brings together about twenty artists and bands of reggae and dancehall, namely: Kalash, Misié Sadik, Yaniss Odua, Admiral T, Jahyanai King, Warped, Pompis, Drexi, Bamby, Jmax & Nailah Blackman, Tuco & Moody Mike, K-Reen, Pleen Pyroman, Widya, Silver Cat, Preedy, DJ Amigo feat Umpa & Tchady, Nèg’Marrons etc.

This hybrid project includes Best of and unreleased songs.

The first edition of the album “Don’s Collector” was launched in 2000 and the volume 4 released ten years ago (2012) is now ranked in the top Album World on iTunes.

The song “Bague au doigt” is available on all digital music platforms.

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