“On va gérer ça” is Kemay’s 100% lockdown song

Kemay just released the song “On va gérer ça” (We’ll handle it) along with its video. We contacted the artist and he told us about his confined and busy days.

Kemay 1-1

Like many artists, Guadeloupean urban singer Mike Dahomay, also known as Kemay, has not been sitting around moping since March 17, when confinement was initiated in France.

“I’m confined to my home in the Paris region. Lockdown for me is going well, these are new life habits, I’m really trying to see only the positive sides, using technology to the maximum to communicate with my family and friends, and I only go outside to do my shopping and do some sport”, he said, but he added with a laugh that he always has his certificate in his pocket, as we know, in the event of a police control, the absence of this famous evidence of exit carries a fine of 135 euros throughout the French territory…

“Among the positive aspects, confinement allows me to spend a lot more time in my home studio. So I gave free rein to my creativity to offer you “On va gérer ça” which is totally a home-made title from the composition to the video”, he continued. Like his previous song “J’suis piqué”, “On va gérer ça” is about a loving relationship but these words full of optimism could apply to the particular situation that several countries in the world are currently experiencing because of the Coronavirus/Covid 19 epidemic.

And as for the illustration with pictures, there was no need to hire a professional director, Kemay staged himself and made with his mobile phone the video that comes with this new composition and the result is very pleasant.

Lockdown throughout France, especially in the French islands in the Caribbean will end gradually on May 11, by then Kemay will certainly have time to prepare other surprises for his fans…