Los Hermanos Rosario took their musical history to El Coliseo de Puerto Rico

“The meeting of the Rosario dynasty” took place on Sunday night.

Los Hermanos

The Bomba Rosario Brothers continue to write history with their concert “El reencuentro de la dinastía Rosario”, this time the stage was El Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, where they performed sold out in front of an euphoric audience that did not stop singing and dancing on the most emblematic songs of these artists.

During the show, which began with an impressive opening that put the audience to their feet, Los Rosario performed their greatest hits such as “El Palo”, “Me tiene amarrao”, “Bomba”, “Tonto amor”, “Pecadora”, “Machúcalo”, “Dale Vieja”, among others.

Hermanos Rosario bomba

Halfway through the show, “La Mujer de Fuego”, Olga Tañón made her entrance and with her grace and energy while dancing, she sang “Mentiroso”, “Muchacho malo” and “Ya me cansé”. Olga took the opportunity to express her respect and admiration for Los Rosario, from whom she said she received a lot of support in her early days, and who have been a source of inspiration in her career.

Other surprises of the night were the participation of Oscarito Serrano, who performed with Toño his song “La Playa”, and that of the boys of Grupo Manía, performing the classic “Desde que la vi” with Los Rosario. “El Rompe cintura”, “La dueña del Swing”, “Borrón y cuenta nueva”, and “Cumandé”, were also added to the tracks that the audience enjoyed and applauded with emotion.

For two hours the joy and good music made the audience vibrate and it enjoyed from beginning to end the performance of these talented brothers.