Cromo X: an international urban composer

Martin Rodríguez, known under the name of Cromo X, is one of the most international urban music composers of the Dominican Republic.

Cromo X 2

At this time, urban music reigns in much of the world and although its protagonists are singers, the success of this genre is also thanks to the producers and composers of the songs. Among those who stand out in the Dominican Republic, is Martin Rodríguez, known as Cromo X, who is infusing the genre with new colors thanks to his creative productions. Now, Cromo X is one of the most international urban composers in the country.

He began in 2002, when by means of “freestyle” the rappers showed their potential. When he had a career as a singer, he recorded with one of the pioneers in the genre, Polaco del Duet Lito y Polaco, the song “Reggaeton pal’ mundo”. Today, his talent as a composer and producer has attracted the attention of renowned artists such as Daddy Yankee, CNCO and Becky G, for the latter he composed the song “Sola”, which has 300 million in “Streaming”, with T.Y.S. and which is produced by A.C.


Union and work

Among the Dominican artists with whom he worked, he currently shines as a composer of the song “Me subo arriba”, performed by the most popular female artist of the moment, La Insuperable, he produced “Capea el Doug” 2008 in which participated several artists, “La Moda” by Toxic Crow and more recently he released his new project “Cromo X Presenta” (Cromo X Presents), where he invites artists to participate in songs produced and written by him ; from this proposal comes “Mastica y traga” by La Insuperable with Secreto.

Among the plans for 2018, he hopes to travel to the United States and other countries, in search of some new talent to pursue his project “Cromo X Presenta”.

“Right now, I’m trying to bring Dominican urban music to places where it has not arrived, I think we’re doing OK, we’ve evolved musically but we still lack organization, unity, and we have to learn that the music business is not only parties and to be able to arrive to where have arrived urban from other countries, we must work hard and be united”, explained Cromo X.