Jandy performs with “El Legado de Johnny Ventura” at the Latin Music Tour

Jandy Ventura on stage with the Combo Show, the band of his father Johnny Ventura

The show that was initially called “La Diva a Caballo” which united Miriam Cruz and Johnny Ventura on stage, came to the stage of the Filmore Room of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, for an “In Memoriam” tribute to the late merenguero that was called “La Diva y El Legado”, but now with Jandy Ventura in command.

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The audience became an accomplice of the posthumous tribute to Ventura, when his son appeared on stage with his orchestra accompanied by audiovisuals that illustrated different moments in the life of the man, who for more than 65 years of career, was called “el caballo mayor”.

“Si vuelvo a nacer” was the track that opened Jandy’s presentation, impregnating the Dominican pride that always characterized his father, with an imposing sound and a band made up of twelve musicians directed by maestro Henry Jiménez, perfectly synchronized, performing on stage the greatest hits of “La Industria Nacional de la Alegría” (The National Industry of Joy).

Tracks such as “Amorío”, “Patacón Pisao”, “Lo que te gusta” and “El Cuabero”, were just some of the Combo Show’s medley of songs that were played on the evening, where the merengue that lives and will live forever intends to continue with his offspring as leader.

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Assuming the commitment to honour the legacy of Johnny Ventura and move forward for his family, Jandy put on his greatest strength to face an audience eager for good merengue turning the place into a real dance floor, which aroused the most emotional reactions from those present.

“El Potro”, who will now lead the musical stable, thanked on behalf of his family all the public for the support received in these painful days and said that “the cycle of Johnny Ventura is not closing, but the cycle of his legacy is opening, because his father’s music will never die”.

Quepe Music & Events and Hard Rock dedicated the 20th edition of the artistic-tourist event “Latin Music Tours” to Johnny Ventura, while Fernando Quezada took the opportunity to present a plaque of recognition to the memory of the artist, for his successful career as a world icon of merengue and a legend of Dominican art and culture.

*”El Legado de Johnny Ventura”: “The Legacy of Johnny Ventura”