Félix D ‘Oleo tributes to Anthony Ríos with “Cosas del loco”

There is no better way to honor the memory of a great singer than to keep his music shining through time. With the release of the album “Cosas del loco”, it is just what Felix D’Oleo will do, in paying tribute to the success of the late singer-songwriter Anthony Ríos, who died on March 4. The album will be released this September 27.

Félix D’Oleo B

D’Oleo had planned to do this tribute for a long time, while Anthony was still alive and he said it took two years to get it ready. “Anthony the bohemian, the mad, the irreverent, the cult, the admired, the sentimental, the sincere friend, had such an attractive and enveloping personality that it did not provoke conflicts with anyone and that characteristic of his charisma made me sympathetic to him and at some point I wanted to seem to him, in the most sincere sense of personal admiration that can be expressed to such an authentic symbol of bohemia lifestyle”, Felix said.

The album which is produced and arranged by Missael Mañón, goes on the market in all digital stores this September 27 and has 10 songs, including: “Si un día te sientes sola”, “Si entendieras”, “Viejo amigo”, “Si usted supiera señora”, “Estás donde no estás”, “Fatalidad”, among other hits.

This album, which is released under the platforms of La Oreja Media, was recorded at Voz Company Studios, Audio Proceso and SOS Studios. Musicians Isaías Leclerc, Samuel Alberto Da Silva, Chris Disla, Otoniel Nicolás, Javier Francis, Robinson Hernández, among others, participated in the production of the album.

This album is dedicated to all those who waited for him, his heirs, my family, Santiago De La Rosa and family, my partner friend and brother who is with me in this project, Misael Mañón, arranger and human being with exceptional talent and spirituality, Tony Prendatt, Cachovy, my manager, Marcos Félix, dear brother to all … thanks for waiting for these things”, said D ‘Oleo.

Félix D’Oleo A