El Alfa is crowned “El Jefe” at the Puerto Plata Amphitheater

El Alfa has committed to paying for the schooling of a 5-year-old fan for one year.

With the show “El Alfa, el urbano del año” (El Alfa, the urban of the year), the Dominican singer managed well on last Saturday night at the Amphitheatre in Puerto Plata, filling this important stage with a musical proposal that crowns him again “El Jefe” (The Boss) of this popular rhythm in the northern part of the country.

3 - El Alfa A

More than five thousand people gathered to enjoy the repertoire of El Alfa, an artist who lives a great musical moment and, with this performance, is crowned as the first urban Dominican with a solo billboard to burst the emblematic stage of the Bride of the Atlantic.

At 10:50 pm, the big screen showed a video of Enmanuel Herrera’s humble story with a great message of hope and showed dreams can be achieved when you work with love and faith. With an attractive production by Edwin Gómez, from MG Concerts, the singer of “Jamaica” came on stage with the hit “Dame banda” and distinguished himself with a high level show consisting of a great stage design with led screens, lights and special effects.

The wait of the audience to see “The Boss” flowed smoothly and with a sound proposal that kept the fans in good atmosphere. As of 8:30 pm, the talents of humor El Dotol Nastra and Gerald Ogando and urban singer Karolina la Reina de Oro came on the scene.

El Alfa presented a repertoire of 13 songs that began with his hit “Dame banda”. Songs like “Suave”, “La Romana”, “Jamaica”, “Tecno Bow”, “Tarzan did not lack in the artist’s musical repertoire that the audience danced, sang and enjoyed.

This night, he was also with very special guests. Miky Woods, Bryant Myers, Shelow Shaq and Mark B were part of the musical proposal that put more adrenaline to the night.

22 - El Alfa B

A generous heart

El Alfa showed a real feeling for children. Let us remember his speech, last March, when he became the Urban of the Year in Soberano Awards where he underlined the importance of carrying positive messages through his music for children, in this audience he enjoys great affection and sympathy. Many little fans of the artist met at the Anfiteatro to dance and jump with emotion with his songs, something that the artist celebrated with real joy. On more than one occasion, he took them on stage, but one of the children, in particular, attracted his attention so much so that he committed to paying for the year-round schooling of the 5-year-old little boy. “I always put family first”, he said.

Undoubtedly, the night of Holy Saturday was emblematic for all those present at the Puerto Plata Amphitheatre. For the fans because, according to their opinions, they enjoyed a “deadly” and “unique” show. For El Alfa because with the nostalgia of remembering childhood years with his paternal grandparents in this town, 20 years later he is received with so much affection and respect for his people. “This is the second time I’ve cried at a concert. Thank you for all this support”, said the artist.