Eddy Herrera travels to Mexico to record videos for “Tribute to Javier Solís”

Merenguero Eddy Herrera is very excited because in a short time releases the album “Tribute to Javier Solís”, his first romantic album in the ranch ballad genre, made by the outstanding producer Jorge Avendaño. One of the most special aspects that this album will have is each song will be with a video compiled on a DVD that will be with this record production.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was the city chosen for the realization of the 10 music videos that will be filmed from Monday,18 to Friday 22 February with, as executive producer Juan Hidalgo and Nelson Estévez, director Gustavo Camacho, producer Fernando Uriegas and director of photography Daniel Anguiano.

For Eddy, this album is a dream come true, materialized thanks to the support of the company J&N Music Group.

After completing the recordings, the singer of “Para toda la vida” will travel for the eighteenth time to the Carnival of Barranquilla 2019, where he will also be honored at the prestigious “Festival de Orquestas” as the biggest winner of “Congo de Oro” of this festival in the category “Merengue” as part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, on Monday, March 4.