This next Friday, May 31 at Escenario 360 : “A reír se ha dicho”

A first-class banquet will be enjoyed by the audience with the humor show “A reír se ha dicho” with Jochy Santos and Juan Carlos Pichardo this coming Friday, May 31 at Escenario 360 de Galería 360 at 9:00 pm, produced by Ramses Peralta.

The new and old generation of humor joins in this show where Jochy Santos’s seniority is combined with Pichardo’s fresh proposal to together offer the best of their sketches of humor.

And this duo will not be alone, because the actor and comedian Noel Ventura, one of the new stars of humor will be there as a special guest and will also steal bursts of laughter from the audience with the best of his repertoire of humor.

“Jochy Santos and Juan Carlos Pichardo are a main course in humor and the audience love them very much. I know that this show will be a success because both represent the best of the old and new school. So all the people who will attend this show will enjoy and laugh until they could not laugh no more”, said the producer.

Sales tickets in Uepa Tickets, Nacional Supermarkets, Jumbo and Escenario 360Ticket Office at a cost of RD$ 1,625 VIP and RD$ 1,085 general.