Daniel Forestal is the guest of “Chanter à Laméca”

From August 12 to 14, the Caribbean Bettino Lara media library offers the audience to discover the work by Guadeloupean musician and singer Daniel Forestal through a free activity titled “Chanter à Laméca” (Singing in Laméca).

This year, the Caribbean Bettino Lara media library “Laméca” located in the historic district of the city of Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) has decided to dedicate its activity titled “Chanter à Laméca” to Daniel Forestal, one of the great figures of the Guadeloupean musical world.

This cultural event is organized by the traditional music collector of the media library managed by the Departmental Council of Guadeloupe which, since 2005, takes part in the creation of the oral collection “Palé Pou Sonjé”. The audience can listen on site to the elements that builds up this collection – in particular the account from the traditional knowledge holders and various documents created on the Guadeloupean music – at the Chano Pozzo Area.

To participate in “Chanter à Laméca”, you must be at least 12years old and register first because the number of places is limited. These original and free singing lessons will take place from Monday 12 to Wednesday 14, August, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The introduction to the work by composer and poet Daniel Forestal among them the famous song “La prière de l’esclave” will be in 3 parts : the rhythmical and voice expression where the participants will understand the basic knowledge of rhythm and will sing alone and together songs by the artist after relaxation and warm-up exercises ; the improvisation where every participant will declaim one or various poems by the artist then a spontaneous theatrical and musical creation will be made from these texts ; the active listening will allow to discover the Caribbean musical genres of the 1960s that have influenced the artist through small screenings of documentaries, listening and account sessions.


Monday, August 12

Accounts by Éric Nabajoth, Christian André and Libert Gentil

Screening of documentaries

Simple relaxation and warm-up

Annou chanté Daniel Forestal warm-up!

Tuesday, August 13

Accounts by José Lafarge, Guy Jacquet and Marie-Hélène Joubert

Simple relaxation and warm-up

Annou chanté Daniel Forestal warm-up!

Wednesday, August 14


Simple relaxation and warm-up

Poems by Daniel Forestal


Role play

Putting into words and music / Annou chanté Daniel Forestal