Eddy Herrera celebrates his two awards “Merengue of the Year” and “Orchestra of the Year”

Happy, grateful and excited, this is how singer-songwriter Eddy Herrera feels after receiving two awards as “Merengue of the Year” and “Orchestra of the Year”, the most important categories in the merengue genre, at the 2023 Soberano Awards ceremony.

Herrera, who has more than three decades of uninterrupted career, won two of the six categories in which he was nominated in 2021 and 2022.

Thanks to the hit “Si yo se lo pido”, written by Martín De León together with “El galán del merengue” and arranged by Eddy’s orchestra, the artist took home the well-deserved award.

“I am extremely grateful and I will be eternally so, for the support that day by day Dominican Republic gives me. I am grateful that day by day they continue to applaud my music and I am happy to receive these two statuettes in this award ceremony. I share these awards with all my Dominican people, with my international people and with the entire team working with me”, said Eddy.

The merenguero, who since 2022 has been traveling constantly through various Latin American countries, also stressed that his goal will always be to give the audience the best of music, his art, and this 2023, he will do the same with several musical projects.