La Perfecta cancels its 50th anniversary concert at the Casino de Paris

This Saturday, February 5, 2022, the Martinican band of Cadence music hoped to celebrate its half-century of existence with its fans in the French capital, but the 5th wave of Covid-19 that is currently affecting France resulted in the cancellation of this great musical event.


The fans were about to celebrate the 50 years of existence of La Perfecta with pomp. The mythical band from Martinique, founded in 1970 in the town of Trinité by trumpeter and trombonist Daniel Ravaud, thought they would offer them an unforgettable concert. “The musicians will start the show with the title of the song “Perfecta Fayola”, symbol of a strong transmission and emblem of the 50th anniversary ; this title was recorded by the young generation of musicians alongside the elders. Other unforgettable songs will also be part of the show: “En nous allé”, “La Divinité”, “Tout Bagay paré”, “Chiq cheq choq”, “Fort-de-France et mon pays”, “Ayouskous”, “Chimin an”, “Si ou pas lé comprendre”, “Roro Deg deg”, as announced by the organization.

It also planned to record this memorable moment : “Such an event deserved a major audiovisual project paying tribute to a group with legendary successes and exceptional longevity. This concert will be filmed with the most modern means of recording, allowing us to experience the event both on stage, in the crowd but also from the backstage. Other means will give to this staging, a specific character thus bringing to the project, an invaluable memory and heritage value. See you on this musical journey that promises to be timeless and full of emotions”.

Unfortunately, the bad news came on Wednesday, January 19 with this press release : “Despite the motivation, determination and desire of the production and musicians to share with you, faithful audience since the beginning or who joined us, this celebration of the 50th anniversary of the orchestra which should have marked the work of transmission of this musical heritage… But several factors prevent us from sharing this moment with you, including the latest government announcements. We are therefore sorry to announce that the anniversary concert will not be postponed but cancelled. This cancellation is not an end in itself but the beginning of other adventures that we will not fail to share with you very soon. Nou Toujou La Épi Zot*!”

*We are always there with you.