School carnival parade: for children or adults?

Raphaël Jolivière School
Défilé des écoles PàP 59A
Dubouchage Nursery School

Dear adults,

On Friday, February 22 took place the carnival parade of the elementary schools in the city of Pointe-à-Pitre. In the schedule, these children have only one day to express themselves, to show the crowd their fancy dresses, often made with recycled objects (which is very good to save our planet!), to show the crowd their make up, to show their decorations, to show the crowd the message they want to pass on through this traditional festival. Teachers, council workers in the schools, parents, you helped these children to make all the elements of the beautiful parade, congratulations! Without your precious help, these pupils would not complete these handicrafts successfully

Unfortunately, many spectators could not appreciate this artistic work. Do you know why? Because you were too visible during this parade which was not yours but your children’s parade. There were so many of you to surround and to protect these little carnival lovers that people had to do real gym to see them. Thank God smartphone exists so the crowd could, as best it could, take some photos and shoot some videos to watch at a later time… If it’s a question of safety, maybe a parade in a stadium would be more suitable.

Défilé des écoles PàP 52B
Notre Dame du Sacré Coeur School

Show must go on…

In addition, a great number of schools paraded so fast that even the carnival group “Akiyo”, famous for its ultra-fast parade, would not have done better… Maybe you also were afraid that it started to rain again. Maybe you believed that it was your parade because some of you were singing, dancing and jumping, in short were completely wild. However, some schools remembered the spectators so they slackened their pace to show them the beauty of their costumes. That was the case of: Lauricisque Elementary School which presented “The wonders of the sea”; Dubouchage Nursery School which had studied the theme “Eat vegetables and fruits and move” and presented a pretty princess in front of the parade who wore a hat and a skirt with flowers and fruits; Centre Espoir where young people wore costumes made with rope; or Raphaël Jolivière School.

Some schools even made the show. That was the case of Notre Dame du Sacré Coeur School which had prepared a choreography…

Because of a cloudy sky, the route had been shortened and all the people met on the Place des Martyrs de la Liberté in front of the town hall. And there, dear adults, after so much effort, you drank the small boxes of juice (Caprisonne etc.) as you if you were parched and you ate heartily the small cookies packets (BN etc.) bought for the children by the municipality but there were small bottles of water…

What can we say after this beautiful carnival parade of the elementary shools in Pointe-à-Pitre? Adults, many of you lapsed completely into a second childhood…