Nabila Tapia and Kiara Romero join the new stage of “Directo al show”

With the incursion of talents Nabila Tapia and Kiara Romero, the proposal “Directo al show” is renewed, which only 18 months after its launch, has positioned itself as one of the most outstanding spaces of the multimedia platforms of mixed content and live simulcast.

Under the executive production of Wilson Sued, the program has consolidated its position by becoming one of the first places of acceptance to produce content, opinions, controversies and a benchmark of entertainment information, and stands out as one of the platforms that catapults and showcases the talent of the figures that compose it.

As part of the renovation of the digital-conventional proposal, Romero joins the program after a long time out of the media, after a difficult health situation, as well as Tapia and the new but very prepared Claudia Pirón.

On the other hand, the communicator German Dominicci, Arisleidy Jiménez, Rosay Marte and Wilson Sued himself, image and talent of “Directo al show”, continue as a base.

“Happier, I can’t be, God said that this was our time and with hard work, experience and giving the public what they want to see in a direct and straightforward way, is what has positioned us where we are, the glory is God’s”, said Sued.

Part of this renovation also includes the union of Full 94.1 FM radio station for the broadcast network, as well as the new and mega FM, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the United States.

It is recalled that this show is made from the signal of the channel Nexxo Tv, is rebroadcast by Teleuniverso for Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, it is the same signal that goes out live or simultaneously by its YouTube channel Directo al show rd, as well as their respective accounts of Instagram @directoalshow and Facebook Directo al show rd.