Mythical Haitian band Tabou Combo celebrates its 55 years in a “Heritage Tour”

Lovers of Compas (or Konpa) will not miss this first exceptional meeting that Tabou Combo gives them, next Sunday, April 30 at 6:00 pm. The Haitian Konpa band has decided to go on tour to celebrate its 55th anniversary.

This first concert of the “Heritage Tour” will take place in the French capital, at the Casino de Paris. This concert hall located in the 9th district offers a little more than 2,000 seats. This is a far cry from the more than 6,000 seats at the Zenith Paris-La Villette, where the legendary band had celebrated its 50th anniversary with great fanfare on May 26, 2018.

Some expected the French national media to highlight the longevity and success of this Haitian musical band unfortunately this was not the case and it’s a great pity… But, the important thing is to keep the love of the audience.

In a month, the atmosphere promises to be very warm with a dozen musicians and singers on stage. We hope that Robert Eugene, better known as Shoubou, will be present. The famous Tabou Combo singer who has had health problems in recent years, has been replaced by a new lead vocal on the orchestra’s new singles. It is Patrick Noël aka Papito, former singer of Septem, a popular band in Haiti.

During this tour, no one will forget Herman Nau, co-founder of Tabou Combo and drummer, who died of a stroke in July 2021 in New York, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. He was 73 years old.

The band will offer an “extraordinary show” that will crown its “55 years of creativity and musical innovation” by performing a good part of its many hits (“Mabouya”, “Light is coming your way”, “Quittem fè zafem”, “Aux Antilles”, “New York City”, “Tu as volé”, “Fénomène Tabou”, “Voyé monté”, “Pi gro pi lon” etc.) that have made generations of fans dance around the world. For this great occasion, guest artists will be welcomed on the stage of the Casino de Paris.

After Paris, Tabou Combo will continue its “Heritage Tour” in Martinique (May 5, Grand Carbet, Fort-de-France), Guadeloupe (May 7, Palais des sports, Le Gosier), St. Martin, Guiana, Dominica, Panama, Costa Rica, Africa, the United States, Canada etc. So, “lésé konpa maché”…