World Kréyol Art Festival will be back from May 1 to 8…if Guadeloupe is not on lockdown

Artist Xän from Martinique

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, WKAF in 2021 will be shorter and with only local artists.


We now know when the World Kréyol Art Festival will take place in Pointe-à-Pitre. This 3rd edition is scheduled from 1 to 8 May 2021.

“Yes, indeed we are doing the edition this year, we couldn’t last year because of Covid. This year, the edition is very small, the health situation so requires, so there are many cancellations of many things, there will only be graffiti, only graffiti artists in the streets, no DJ, no block parties, just artists painting in the streets, scattered everywhere. It will be a reduced version, just to mark the occasion, to do something for the artists and the population, so that we can continue to live quietly because Covid is not going to leave us today, it will leave when it decides to (…) It’s an edition with few events. There are no extraordinary guests from outside since it is not possible because of the current health situation, so it will be mainly our local artists. We will be on Place de la Victoire, Place du Marché aux Épices, Place du Marché de La Darse, Achille René-Boisneuf street, near Forum Caraïbe, at Fonds Laugier, not far from the water tower, at Quai Foulon, not far from the Penchard agency (…)”, explained the artist Al Pacman, the founder of the cultural event.

In 2019, the 2nd edition of the World Kréyol Art Festival was a great success with the public, young and old ; it took place from 3 to 25 May in Pointe-à-Pitre and brought together 54 graffiti artists from Guadeloupe, Martinique and France with several disciplines highlighting urban art.

In 2020, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the 3rd edition, which was to bring together local, French, Caribbean and foreign artists with various events in the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre, was cancelled.

As the disease is still present, let’s hope that the number of cases of contamination is not on the rise in the archipelago of Guadeloupe to allow the organisation of the WKAF in a reduced version and not the implementation of a second lockdown by the prefecture.