Massiel Taveras debuts in Hollywood with her own play “Yo soy todas”

After performing with great success at Chao Teatro and receiving positive reviews, Massiel Taveras arrives for the first time in the competitive Hollywood market with “Yo soy todas”, the actress’s first play, this coming September 7 at the legendary Hudson Theater in California.

Massiel Taveras 2

In this musical, Massiel performs 19 characters, which allow her to show off and double herself without leaving the stage. “These characters that I play are extremely different and have allowed me to overcome my own challenge, because I play them without leaving the stage, which is a great challenge for any artist”, she said.

Taveras for some time has been working on the internationalization of her career and with this presentation in California she is seeing the fruits of her efforts.

The creator has shown her talent both in cinema and in theater, through works such as “Mujeres infieles”, “La última noche” and “Divas en karaoke”.

“It is a dream to travel with “Yo soy todas” and start in Hollywood, the great mecca of cinema, where the theatrical work of actors is extremely valuable and respected. I had not been able to formally start work in the United States due to my status as an immigrant, fortunately that changed and thanks to God I was granted American residency”, she explained.

The play is a real, deep, funny and very varied story, created by Taveras and she hopes that the Anglophone market will accept it. Massiel has translated the play into the language under the title “I’m all the woman”.

Many of those who attended last year’s experience to see the play expressed their satisfaction at having been able to enjoy the first work written by the actress, which also represents the most important achievement of her career so far.

Massiel Taveras 3