Marlow Rosado and Frankie Negrón release “Los colores de la salsa”

The two Puerto Rican salseros Frankie Negrón and Marlow Rosado

It’s an album that unites the two famous salsa artists.

1-Frankie Negrón & Marlow Rosado
Frankie Negrón & Marlow Rosado

In Miami, the double Grammy winner Marlow Rosado joined his sweet and unique voice to the romantic salsa of Frankie Negrón, in the album “Los colores de la salsa” (The colours of Salsa), which is available from Thursday, March 4 on all digital platforms and also premieres their music video “Depende de ti” song, which invites the union and recognition of the salseros.

This musical production, under the label JN Music Group, is the result of the union of two salseros totally opposite in styles, as Frankie has been recognized worldwide for singing love, while Marlow has produced his albums for dance.

“It is time to defend the genre that we all love regardless of the musical style, but giving the best of the best with excellent arrangements, musicians and voices of first line, said Marlow Rosado, musician and producer, responsible for carrying out this grandiose project.

The union came about thanks to the city of Miami where the project was able to materialize during 2020, because even in the adversity of this year they focused their energies to present this result of the fusion of styles within the musical genre.

“No jodan más con la salsa… que la salsa es cosa buena” (Don’t fuck with salsa anymore…because salsa is a good thing) begins this unique musical production that calls to reaffirm the special place that has the so-called Salsa Gorda”, in addition to highlighting the voice of romantic salsa.

In the single “Depende de ti”, a warning is made highlighting the pillars of salsa of all times, inviting new talents, genres or emerging musical styles to recognize, respect and care in brotherhood what with much sacrifice and years has been achieved.

The video of this song is presented on the official channel of JN Music Group, under the direction of Cueto and the composition of Marlow Rosado himself, who also shares roles with Ray Contreras and Frankie Negrón.

Marlow is considered the latest artist signed by the prestigious and renowned Fania Records, and has also been called “The Dalí of music”, as his hands on the piano become the brushes with which he creates a world as surreal as the one depicted on canvas by the late painter.

Among the songs that stand out in the production, is the one that bears his name “Los colores de la salsa”, a composition by Negrón and Rosado, where salsa and merengue merge, as well as the cover of “Tú eres”, an original song by Frankie Ruiz, Frankie Negrón’s idol.

Tracklist of the album:

1- Intro

2- Los colores de la salsa

3- Depende de ti

4- A partir de hoy

5- Tu eres

6- A lo loco

7- Aguale

8- No jodan más con la salsa

9- Boricuas en Nueva York

10- No jodan más con la salsa (Explicit)

2-Marlow Rosado & Frankie Negrón
Marlow Rosado & Frankie Negrón