Jacky Dahomay : “the current political crisis affects the living together”

Jacky Dahomay was present at the 4th “Congress of Caribbean Writers” which took place from April 15th to 18th, 2015 in Guadeloupe. The political philosopher shared its vision of “deterritorialization”.

DahomayJacky Dahomay, the Guadeloupean philosopher, thinks that the slave was reduced to the state of animal and has suffered “a radical deterritorialization”. He says : “creolization of slavery in the Caribbean, it is not the death of the slave, I shock by saying that”.

According to him, the slave owner did not want to kill the slave but to keep it alive“by producing another dehumanized human life even if it is contradictory .”

So, how did the slaves create humanity ?“They created social cohesion even if the public space was reserved for the colonists ,” according to Jacky Dahomay. It is a creation of humanity where it was necessary to create a new language.“Woman is at the origin of creolization”, continues this qualified teacher in retirement who refers to “La Mulâtresse Solitude” heroine of the novel by André Schwarz-Bart and thus, to “the Creole imaginative world which is apparent in literature .”

What Creole identity ?

In his analysis, Jacky Dahomay thinks that the current political crisis affects the living together :“globalization affects the states” (for example, in Greece) ; there is a “desymbolization of the institutions” and, locally, an important“questioning about Creole identity”.“The disintegration of social link causes an identity withdrawal (…) our identity travels even if we do not travel, the globalized world comes to see us and to modify us”, explains Jacky Dahomay.

Moreover, this causes today, “a new negative and black tension”.“The word “Negro” is often used here in Guadeloupe for some time, it’s an identity decline, this negritude is not that of Césaire. Some people are in the unlimited debt (to repair crimes of slavery) ; these are deliriums of memory (…), asserts the political philosopher.