If you like soca, Soca Gold 2020 is for you!

The album Soca Gold 2020 will be presented at the world’s largest soca party that will take place this Friday, July 31 on VP Records’ YouTube page. It’s a party not to be missed!

Here’s a compilation of good Caribbean songs that comes at just the right time! We are living a special time on the planet because of this global Covid-19 epidemic so going to nightclubs, concerts, dancing lunches or any other event gathering a large number of people, especially in closed places, is impossible.

So, instead of moping around thinking about the Old World before Covid-19, nothing prevents you from dancing alone, in pairs or with your family at home to forget your daily concerns and, why not do some sports…

So, Soca Gold 2020 is the album you need and it will be released this Friday, July 31, 2020 by VP Records. After releasing “Touch” by Jus D which was a resounding success in Europe, the Caribbean and North America, the New York label has decided to promote three other tracks – “I Can’t Help Myself” by Edwin Yeardwood, “The Struggle” by Bunji Garlin and “Fair Sa” by Hypasounds – that Kariculture offers you to enjoy. These are just a few of the tracks that are big hits on the compilation disc.

“On YouTube, these songs combined have more than 1.3 million streams, people want Soca”, says Natasha VonCastle of VP Records. So the record company, although it is specialized in reggae, gives them soca, another Caribbean music. As we know, the Caribbean is a large studio that produces a lot of rhythms that become international…

Compiled by A&R Edwin Howell aka “The Bajan King”, Soca Gold 2020 represents the best in the genre from all islands. An indispensable album for carnival in the English-speaking Caribbean.

The World’s greatest soca party will be held this Friday July 31 on the VP Records YouTube page. A fete not to be missed!