“Humor bailable para mamá” unites F. Villalona, S. Vargas and C. Victoria

The event will be held on May 30 in the festival room of the Barceló Santo Domingo hotel.

Humor bailable 2

“Humor bailable para mamá” (Humor dance for mom), that’s the name of the show that will bring together Fernando Villalona, Sergio Vargas and Cuquín Victoria on the same stage this May 30 in the festival hall of the Hotel Barceló Santo Domingo at 9:00 pm.

With this event, produced by Ramses Peralta, ends with a flourish the mother’s month, where participants will enjoy the large repertoire of the merengueros, plus the dose of humor offered by the veteran humorist Cuquín Victoria, by making more attractive the proposal.

With his classic “Madre mía”, “La ventanita”, “Marola”, “Ni tu ni yo”, among others, “El negrito de Villa” will delight the audience, while Villalona with his hits “Serenata a mamá”, “Déjate querer”, “Penélope”, “Compañera” and many more will captivate the crowd.

“This is a special show for mothers so that they have fun, dance and have a good time, we also give the opportunity to those who could not honor their mother this past weekend, to do it with this event that promises to be an enormous success because it’s about figures like two of the leading merengue exponents and one of the country’s most beloved and outstanding comedians”, Peralta said.

Tickets are for sale at Ticket Express, Listín Diario readers club and the Barceló Santo Domingo hotel (formerly Lina).

Humor bailable 3