Fadeen sings “Gnongo” for illegal immigration applicants

The producer of the young Burkinabe singer Fadeen contacted Kariculture.net to present us his first album called “Graine d’Espoir” (Seed of Hope). Although our webmagazine is dedicated to Caribbean artists and artists from elsewhere in the Caribbean, we have agreed to make you discover the song “Gnongo” (Adventure) because every day, in the news we hear about these people who die trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. The Caribbean is also affected by this phenomenon of illegal immigration, especially from Haiti…

Fadeen 2

Fadeen (who means his father’s son), whose real name is Omar Ganou, is a 30-year-old singer from Burkina Faso (Africa). His album called “Graine d’Espoir” (Seed of Hope) has eleven tracks, many are about social issues advocating African unity ; the song called “Gnongo” (Adventure) is about illegal immigration which, according to Fadeen, is “a risk and especially a way of no return” and he wants it to be “a relevant message addressed to those who try this sad journey”.

Several arrangers worked on the different compositions which are sung in four languages : French, Dioula, Mooré and English. By calling this CD “Graine d’Espoir”, Fadeen wanted to bring a glimmer of hope in the effective burgeoning of Burkinabe music.

But who is Fadeen?

Fadeen 6

Founding member of Sarakan

Omar Ganou also known as Fadeen spent his childhood in Boucle de Mouhoun with his parents, his five brothers and three sisters. In 2003, he arrived in Ouagadougou, the capital, to continue his secondary education. Three years later, while in 3rd year of high school, he dropped out of school to devote himself to music. It must be said that Omar grew in the rhythms of the country because his uncle Sam Sinai was a famous musician but it was by continually listening to songs composed by Malian artist Salif Keita, he developed his musical style.

His career will really begin in 2007 with his childhood friend Menfils Balla – his real name is Drama Balla Moussa – with whom he will form the group Sarakan. In 2011, the duo released its first album, “Conscience du Peuple”, which had eight songs. Two years later, it produced an EP entitled “M’nonga fô” with four titles. Until 2014, the two artists will perform together on stage, they will participate in the Semaine Nationale de la Culture (SNC) in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso and they will separate by mutual agreement.

Fadeen 7

A nice performance at Faso Music Awards Off

The singer then became a technician in a radio located in this city and, after listening to many songs from the record collection, he decided to go back to music and Ouagadougou. To measure his audience, the artist recorded a single entitled “Sami” that he did not release but it allowed him to perform in discotheques and cabaret clubs : each performance was recorded and published on social networks

Wagnin Zerbo, a radio manager and webmaster, advised him to create a blog where he will broadcast all his performances. As a result, Fadeen presented a great performance at Faso Music Awards Off (FAMA off) in 2016. After the broadcasting of his show, he was spotted by Vivero. The artist Frère Malkhom introduced him to the young Burkinabe producer – Ousséni Savadogo – who managed this production company. In 2016, he enrolled Fadeen in the Institut National de Formation Artistique et Culturelle (INAFAC) to perfect his voice and learn how to play guitar with Aloïs Nikièma and Mamadu Dao. His record company will then offer him a guitar so that he can improve his training. This instrument will be an invaluable help for the artist when composing the eleven songs on the album “Graine d’Espoir”.