Eddy Herrera welcomes the month of love with “Quiero más”

A romantic story of a couple looking for a way to keep the spark of the flame of love always burning, is told by merenguero Eddy Herrera in his new promotional song “Quiero más” (I want more).

Belonging to the album Imparable, the song has lyrics and music by Eddy Herrera himself and musical production by Edwin García. Shot in beautiful locations in San José de Ocoa, with production by Maiter Valdez, the scenes in the video that accompanies the release of this song are shown on the singer’s YouTube channel.

“”Quiero más” arrived at the perfect time. A month that represents the perfect excuse for couples to celebrate their love, but also to remember that there is no need to wait for a specific date to express signs of affection to the loved one and that is precisely what these lyrics talk about”, explained Eddy.

Mixed and mastered by Ramses Alegria (Súbeleram), “Quiero más” is on all digital platforms and national radio stations.

Imparable is Herrera’s 17th album, released last 2023, and it has nine tracks, produced by Edwin García, Moisés Sánchez, Rosalbo Florián, Isaías Leclerc and Henry Jiménez.