Drexi invites us to enter his “3e Dimension”

The third album by Guadeloupean urban singer, Drexi, entitled 3e Dimension and produced by Henri Debs & Fils, is released this Friday, January 28. Between jazz, rap, zouk, gwoka and French variety influences, we (re)discover the artist, his education, his childhood, his life and his music in all dimensions.


“Writing is the moment when I relieve everything I have inside me, the moment when I externalize”, Drexi said.

For the past sixteen years, Guadeloupean urban artist has tirelessly written texts that speak of all the feelings that go through him such as love, sadness, melancholy, abandonment, loneliness… His writing is intended to be “instinctive, incisive and instructive”.

Then, he accompanies them with music with various influences from the Caribbean and elsewhere like zouk, soca, trap, rap or drill. Drexi, the spokesman, wants his music to relieve the ills of those who listen to him, the ills of society. “I’m trying to write about these situations that a lot of people are going through. Someone has to speak up so that we can all get relief”, the artist said. But, he also wants to make people dance, as if to bring a note of hope and joy.


After living for a year in the United States with his mother, where he bathed in hip-hop culture and discovered American artists such as Lil Wayne or Busta Rhymes, Drexi looked at urban music in Guadeloupe and was seduced by Fuckly and Admiral T. Upon his return to his homeland, the teenager created a band and began to live music. His first solo album entitled RL3 was released in 2019 with the hits “Frozen” and “SMS (Si Maman Si)” with Warped. More collaboration with other urban colleagues like Mata and T-Kimp Gee will follow.

This January 28, 2022, Drexi returns to the front of the stage with the launch of his third album called 3e Dimension and composed of 15 tracks. A few months ago, the artist offered his fans a first single “BO2S” which is a tribute to the singer Fuckly, his neighborhood and his friends ; it now has more than 300,000 views on Youtube.

On January 7, his fans discovered his adaptation of the famous song of the gwoka singer Jomimi, “Papa ou pa té la”, released in 1997, which talks about the father’s. With Drexi, the track became “Papa pa té la” on a zouk rhythm but the story is the same…

In addition to these two singles, this opus will feature for example the participation of the artist’s two sons – Naël and Hassan – on the track “ASMB”. When Drexi is hurt by love, he knows how to express his sorrow clearly through the second track of the album, “Mula”. “Ti Buzz” is a clever mix of urban music and traditional gwoka music. On the track “TPLG”, Drexi called on the crystalline voice of Lycinaïs Jean. Warped, his “best friend in music”, is also present on this album with the track “Loyal”, a zouk peppered with traditional boulagèl.

3e Dimension is therefore a long and beautiful journey in the artist’s life backed by rhythms of rap, jazz, zouk, gwoka and even French variety.