Desirée Álvarez, the manager behind the great Dominican talents

Desirée Álvarez is recognized for forging good talent management, guiding and projecting them effectively.

Producer and talent manager, Desirée Álvarez, continues her career as an agent of stars and film productions in the Dominican Republic, by providing professional guidance to outstanding talents in the film industry.

Álvarez is CEO of the Casting Factory agency and, through this project, she contributes to boost the careers of various actors who are part of the seventh art, providing them with advice, security and confidence to successfully carry out their profession.

The expert in talent management stressed that the importance of this figure behind the great professionals of film, theater and TV goes beyond the control of the value of the people she represents. “Many people think that if the actor is well established in the market, he sells himself, and the truth is that both the manager and the agent are in charge of ensuring the proper use of his image, projecting him in a coherent way, guiding him and building his personal brand. In my case, I do both functions, agent and manager”, she said.

Casting Factory has a large portfolio of actors, among them Gisselle Reynoso, Vladimir Acevedo, Elizabeth Chahín, Alexis Luciano; Erlyn Saúl, Yvan Jiménez, Yasser Michelen, Anderson Mojica, Evelyna Rodríguez, Cindy Galán, Solly Duran, Pepe Sierra, Richard Douglas, Lídia Ariza, Francis Cruz, Angie Berúbe, Anyelina Sánchez, David Villanueva, Víctor Ramírez, Jonathan Lev, Christian Álvarez, Luís del Valle, Yira Ureña, Uxío Lis and Alejandra Alemany.

Since 2018, the company is supported by more than fourteen years of experience in the world of film, television and entertainment under the leadership of Álvarez, who, with her experience, her extensive knowledge of the industry, and a a comprehensive team of professionals who are part of the firm, continue to gain reputation in the market.

Among the services offered are : casting for cinema, television, shows and audiovisuals in general, coordination, supervision and assistance of castings, training workshops for actors, advice and creation of photo book, general production for audiovisuals and photoshoots, production coordination, talent management, talent agent, among others.

Desirée Alvarez 1
Desirée Álvarez