Covid-19: former President of Ecuador, Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, wants an accessible and a free vaccine

Rosalía Arteaga Serrano is the author of several books

The former president of the Republic of Ecuador in 1997, who is a writer, was the guest on the Lenis Opiniones program in Santo Domingo on August 2.

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Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, former president of the Republic of Ecuador said that she, along with a group of personalities and political figures, have signed a communication to the United Nations, requesting that the vaccine be a public good, to wich the population will have free access.

“This means that they should not make a profit from the vaccine because we are talking about the whole of humanity and then it would not be nice if only people who can pay could have the vaccine, the vaccine must have universal access and that the cost must be assumed by people who have a lot of money”, said Serrano in the Lenis Opiniones program broadcast on Sundays on RNN.

The writer also said that the success that some countries led by women have had in dealing with COVID-19, was because in general empathy, sensitivity and their ability to do several things at once, gives them an advantage.

Lenis García
Lenis García is also a lawyer

“I really believe that this is clear evidence that the world needs more women at the head of the countries. We have the ability to do several things at the same time, simultaneity, multitasking that we often talked about is something that is permanently in the action of women, in this sense, apart from being multitasking, having greater sensitivity, greater empathy for the sectors that need it most and also the ability to take action quickly”, she explained.

When asked by the host of the program, Lenis Garcia, whether she would return to politics, she assures that although she continues to receive proposals to participate, she refused because “only under very special conditions, such as a great alliance with political sectors, that I could see that my presence in politics is necessary and moreover it does not mean a commitment to any economic sector, because one of the major problems of the candidates is compaign financing, so I wouldn’t want to be linked in any way to the fact that I have to pay those campaign contributions later with favors of the government and, as you see, these situations are almost impossible to manage and that’s why I’m still out of politics.