Carnival: The groups with skin did the show…as always

Group Nasyon a Nèg Mawon - Photo: Évelyne Chaville
Carnaval Guadeloupe 2018 - 44 -C
Group: Very Important Mas – VIM

On Sunday, January 14, many groups were invited to participate in two major parades that took place in two municipalities of the island of Guadeloupe: “La Grande Parade Carnavalesque” in Goyage and “Masanblaj” in Sainte-Anne. However, some carnival groups in the metropolitan area of Pointe-à-Pitre and Les Abymes, including the groups with skin (Akiyo, Mas Ka Klé, Nasyon a Nèg Mawon, Klé la, VIM, Moun Ki Moun etc.), the group with snare drums, Toumblack, (one of the oldest carnival associations of the Department that celebrates this year its 40 years of existence) or the group of small Mas or “Ti Mas” (so named because of it is composed of young people), Mass LaPwent, had stayed to ensure an exciting show in the city. The rain did not discourage the carnival lovers or the numerous public. This parade, during which groups showed their great creativity in costumes, started after 6:00 pm and continued until very late into the night. The themes were for example slavery, the problems of University Hospital Centre of Guadeloupe…

Carnaval Guadeloupe 2018 - 10
Group: Inité Mas

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