Caribbean lullabies to welcome baby into this world…

Starting Friday, October 2, from 2:15 to 4:00 pm, future parents and other family members will meet in Birmingham in the town of Baie-Mahault for a singing workshop like no other.

Ti BB Vwèjou

Its name: Latilyé-chanté Avan Ti Bébé Vwèjou (workshop-singing before baby is born). The VwaKalité association, which initiated this prenatal singing workshop, assures that it is a “new approach which tends towards the establishment of a strong bond between the mother, the father, the brothers and sisters, if any, and the newborn (…)” And since the fetus may hear information before the ear is formed, its promises that at the end of this training “the mother’s and father’s singing will become for him a real sound message that he will memorize and recognize after birth as a reassuring and rewarding landmark”.

With this project, VwaKalité also wants to work for the transmission of Guadeloupean and Caribbean musical heritage by teaching participants to sing the lullabies of our region to the sound of the drum-ka. In addition, these body and vocal exercises will help pregnant women to breathe better, relax and prepare for childbirth in all serenity. “The woman will sing her body, emotion and joy while sublimating her contractions. By discovering and deepening the “sound of the body”, the practice of the exercises will ease the exit and the welcome of the baby”, promise the members of VwaKalité.

Sandrine Romain, Francelyse Bagassien, José-Gérard Toucet
Sandrine Romain, Francelyse Bagassien, José-Gérard Toucet

A team of three specialists

To carry out this project, the association has surrounded itself with a qualified midwife and two vocal coaches from the Richard Cross School trained in prenatal singing.

Sandrine Romain aka Aneesa has been working as a midwife sonographer in Guadeloupe for 17 years. “When VwaKalité offered me to lead prenatal singing workshops as a team, I not only agreed, I fully accepted with enthusiasm and excitement! (…) Moreover, being able to spread music from our cultural heritage is enriching. All this seems essential to me when one transmits life. I hope that prenatal singing will echo accross Guadeloupe”, she said.

Francelyse Bagassien aka Lyssie Frémon is a music, singing and theater lover and she has participated in several training courses and seminars in France. She is a certified psychophony instructor (harmony through singing and prenatal singing) since 2006 and a vocal trainer at the Richard Cross School where she accompanies the well-being of the spoken and sung voice of children and adults in schools and associations.

Finally, José-Gérard Toucet aka Jozéjéra is a Gospel singer and choir director. This specialist in singing has trained with great names in lyrical singing. He attended a training course in prenatal singing at the Centre de Psychophonie Héliogramme. He is the regional director of the Richard Cross School in the Caribbean.

For more information, please contact VwaKalité: 0690.08.06.18 – 0690.48.29.46 – 0690.33.03.76