“Así prospera un inmigrante”, the new book by Dwhight Molina

The prominent writer is also preparing for the relaunch of his programme “Bienvenido a América” (Welcome to America).

Dwhight Molina 2

Always focused on sharing his knowledge and continuing to undertake new projects, Venezuelan writer Dwhight Molina will launch his second book entitled “Así prospera un inmigrante” (That’s how an immigrant thrives).

He is also preparing for the relaunch of his television programme “Bienvenido a América”, where he interviews various people who are examples to follow because of their ideas, determination and above all because they provide a service to the community.

Molina, who defines himself as a born communicator, will share strategies, experiences and reflections that will lead people to face challenges, exposing topics such as purpose, motivation, decisions, attitude, common sense and faith, which are the keys to success.

The idea for his books stems from his own experiences as an immigrant in the United States.

“As an immigrant, people told me that I should document my knowledge and experiences in a way that could be useful to others as a manual for those living in that situation”, Molina explains.

His greatest achievement has been to position his brand Dwhight Molina in the American market as an immigration consultant and writer.

However, he has not achieved this journey alone, his main support is God, his family and his work team.

For Molina, who studied law and economics, his greatest inspiration is his daughters.

The book is available on Amazon and in the main digital bookstores.