They are planning a great artistic show to celebrate Mother’s Day

The Royal Humano Foundation is preparing to carry out “Super Mum”, its next activity dedicated to Dominican mothers, with a great artistic event where 50 mothers will spend a special day with their loved ones, enjoying good music and gifts.

Dia de la Madre 1

The event, which will be held at the Palacio Royal facilities on May 22, at 5:00 pm, was conceived to bring joy to a group of mothers who will be chosen through a contest where each participant must publish a video in their social networks in which their children express some qualities of their mothers.

“It’s time to look for smiles, we want mothers under 50 who will be selected feel like queens. We are preparing a great production for everyone to have a great time. Later on, the details about the artists who will sing at the event will be known. Also thank all the figures and communicators who have joined us”, said Andreas Metzler, president of the foundation.

As part of the campaign to find the participants, a group of communicators and figures met to encourage mothers to send their videos to the foundation’s platforms through their networks. The artists who will perform at the party that is called “Super Mum” will be revealed later when the 50 mothers will be found and they will propose the Dominican singers they want in the celebration.

The directive composed by Andreas Metzler, Sandra Tapia, Mayra Luna, Jesica Fabian, Feliz Garcia, Edwin Soto and Víctor Castillo, initiated the first stage of the contests with the celebration of the 15th birthday for 25 quinceañeras with limited means from the most disavantaged districts in the country.

With this initiative Metzler tries to help families who do not have the economic resources to celebrate special moments.