Vica Makeup, the artist behind the faces of stars

Viviana Daniele

The Venezuelan has her own line of products that includes brushes, eyeshadow palettes, the famous magic lipstick, among others.

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Make-up artist Viviana Daniele, better known as Vica Makeup, who has stood out for being the make-up artist of renowned stars, is promoting her own line of products.

With almost two decades in the industry, Venezuelan Viviana Daniele, better known as Vica Makeup, has become an authority in the field of make-up and by shaping the art that sets her apart on the faces of recognized figures from the world of entertainment.

Vica stands out as one of the most prominent make-up artists in all of Latin America and South Florida.

Vica Makeup is known for having shown her art on the faces of Dominican influencers Alexandra MVP and Killadamente, Univision host Migbelis Castellanos, Venezuelan actress Fefi Olivera, among other celebrities.

She also has her own line of innovative make-up products under her name “Vica”, which includes brushes, eyeshadow palette, the famous magic lipstick that when used turns lips pink because it changes with the PH of the skin.

She also specialised in microblading to enhance the beauty of each girl with this novel hair by hair technique on eyebrows. With more than a thousand successful methods over five years, she has become one of the favourites in the city of the sun. The make-up artist has her own book about this process.

The make-up artist has more than half a million followers just on Instagram (@vicamakeup), where she shares her secret techniques and shows the results of the work that speak for her.

She has taught make-up courses in major cities in the United States and Venezuela and more than three thousand girls have attended her master class.

From an early age Viviana Daniele has been interested in make-up and became passionate using it on herself while showing her great potential.

She revolutionised when a make-up video went viral in 2013 and since then she has inspired thousands of women in the world of make-up.

Vica Makeup