The Bleu Outre Mer Festival invites you to a musical journey

As part of the 2nd edition of the Bleu Outre Mer Festival, “Roots and Emergences”, music and singing will be featured at the Memorial ACTe from October 26 to 29. Artists from New Caledonia, Martinique, French Guyana and Guadeloupe will offer the spectators a musical journey to discover their territories and their artistic worlds.

Sylviane Cédia

French Guyana…

This series of concerts will begin Thursday, October 26 with Sylviane Cédia‘s performance, the singer and guitarist from French Guyana. With more than 40 years of career, this artist who is also know as “The Ambassador of Guyanese Song and Music”, since her earliest childhood, is influenced by cultures and customs of the different ethnic groups in her country. Her music that she promoted in the world is a mix of Guyanese and Caribbean rhythms. She will be accompanied on stage by Johan Contrôle (keyboards), Daniel Égouy (drums) and Dany Cultier (bass).

Fanm Ki ka


The next day, on Friday, October 27, Guadeloupe will go on stage with Fanm Ki Ka. This is a musical group composed entirely of women, exactly about ten women from different backgrounds but in love with music, singing and gwoka dance. We can mention: Marie-Hélèna Laumuno (guest of honour of this 2nd edition of the Bleu Outre Mer Festival), Jaklin Étienne, Nadia Pater, Maggy and Éna Éluther, Nikòl, Sohad, Sandra, Yanise…

On this occasion, they will offer the public a polyphonic concert focused on Guadeloupe’s ka-masters, most of whom have since died but their unforgettable compositions are still played in the léwòz evenings. Among these are: Guy Konkèt ; Napoléon Magloire, called Napo ; Germain Calixte Gaston, called Chaben ; René Perrin ; Robert Loyson ; Aigle Christèn ; Gène Valcourt ; Taret Francois, called Turgot ; Blanchino Kancel etc.

Christophe Chassol


On Saturday, October 28, the journey to the overseas territories that are linked to France and have their own culture will continue with an artist from Martinique, Christophe Chassol. This pianist claims to have been raised on jazz, classical and film music. It is even said that he has redefined pop music. For the first time, on a stage of Guadeloupe, he will present the new musical genre that he invented: ultrascore.

Chassol who wants to reinvent and delight the world will propose to the spectators to live with him a real musical adventure with the participation of the drummer Mathieu Édward.

Paul Wamo

New Caledonia…

This series of concerts will end on Sunday, October 29, with Paul Wamo. “I come from a small stone, dried by the sun…, is how the poet, slammer, writer and performer who comes from New Caledonia introduces himself. In his lyrics, he talks about Kanaks’ memory and identity, his music is a mixture of rhythms of his people and rhythms from elsewhere.

The artist will be on stage with Ulrich Wolters (keyboard, saxophon, flute, choir) and Wim Welker (guitar, choir).