“Perdona” is the new song by musician and singer Fulton Vásquez

The album, entitled “En su tiempo”, will have a variety of tropical rhythms, but most are salsa.

The musician, singer and producer Fulton Vasquez is promoting his song “Perdona”, from his album “En su tiempo”. This song was composed by him and, on this occasion, was recorded in a Fuson version that is a mix of Son with Tropical. The song is on sale on all digital platforms.

For the end of the year, Fulton scheduled to release two more songs, a ballad entitled “Suavemente” and a salsa “Loco por ti”. Both are of his authorship and “Suavemente” will have the collaboration of a Dominican artist.

Since he was a child, Fulton has been involved in the world of music through his father’s blood and heritage. In the late 80s he joined the local music band, called Son Amigos, and then formed his own band with which for a period of two years he performed in his hometown Santiago. Later, he began to be a professional member of the orchestra of the famous Dominican merenguero Eddy Herrera, in which he participated as a singer for about ten years.

His songs were recorded by important national and international artists, including Eddy Herrera, Sergio Vargas, Fernando Villalona, Tony Bravo, Eddy Rafael, Grupo Sol Caliente and Merenglass, among others.

Some of his songs were nominated for various important awards, both in his country and abroad. In 2002, he composed the song “Perdona”, performed by Sergio Vargas. It immediately reached the first places of the most important local and international charts and received the nomination of “Merengue of the Year” for the Casandra Awards (now Soberano Awards), which has been for several years the most important in the Dominican Republic.

In 2006 he wrote for Eddy Herrera the song “Amor de locos”, which gave its name to this album. Several months after its release he received the great news of being nominated as “Merengue Album” for the Latin Grammy Awards in the same year 2006.

In 2003, he was already based in New York when he made the decision to carry out his new musical project called “Reciclaje”. At the same time, he composed his new tracks, but it was not until 2011 when he chose to record and produce his first solo and independent album. It included of a large part of his unreleased songs and a few covers by several renowned artists.

In 2012 came to market his first musical and promotional track in the genre Salsa “Tengo mucho que aprender de ti”, authored by Manuel Alejandro and performed and popularized by Mexican artist Emmanuel, a song that got a large broadcast on radio, on social networks, on web pages, and was immediately appreciated by the audience and its fans in early 2013.

In 2016 came out his second Salsa track in salsa, entitled “El día que puedas” by the same author, which is also part of his new album entitled En su tiempo (E.S.T) which will include 10 unreleased songs and some adaptations.