Eduardo Basagaña, the Argentine producer looking for Dominican talent

After working on projects with renowned bands such as Aerosmith and artists such as Karol G, Natalia Jimenez and Sofia Reyes, Eduardo Basagaña, Argentine businessman and producer, seeks to continue contributing to Latin music through his company EB Producciones.

This businessman seeks to continue contributing to music and said that he is already in talks with some Dominican businessmen to work with Creole talents.

The creator of EB Producciones, a company based in Argentina and the United States, has organized concerts with big names and has produced concerts such as “PWR Festival”, the most important women’s event in Latin America.

Since 2013, this talent promoter has been generating the most remarkable and successful shows: sold out tour of Aitana in Argentina and Uruguay; concert via streaming with the largest number of virtual tickets sold in Argentina in history (La Beriso in Luna Park with 32,000 virtual tickets) and many more that stand out as the Pimpinela’s 40th anniversary tour in the United States and has a historic milestone to its credit, having been the producer who led the first official Arena of Karol G, in 2020 where the Colombian made her first solo stage debut.

Eduardo Basagaña 2

But, in addition, Eduardo Basagaña relies on technology, as he is the creator of +VIVO, which has been recognized by Forbes and Billboard as the most important Live Streaming Platform in Latin America, and the only one worldwide to broadcast live in immersive audio (8D Sound). That is why he was chosen as one of the keynote speakers at the most important technology event in Latin America.

“I work to see people happy, the audience, to whom we really owe something; achieving goals that no other Latin American producer and entrepreneur has achieved in music, is my goal”, said Eduardo.

In such a competitive industry, Basagaña does not seem to remain inactive, his goal is also to conquer Asia and he is not far from achieving it, as he has projects planned in the largest continent in the world.

He was the first to achieve the first transmission of an exclusive musical concert for Latinos via live streaming of a K-Pop band, the famous 3YE band and for the first time in history this event had a live post-show interview. This milestone in transcontinental live communication meant to Eduardo Basagaña to be awarded by the South Korean Government, which has invited him to attend the MU:CON, the largest conference on the music industry in Asia, so he could speak about this experience as part of the panel of international experts who spoke there. In addition, Basagaña is currently developing the first music Metaverse in South America.

“Together with my team of professionals we want to reach the highest level but also become managers in development and project our Latin culture throughout the world”, added Basagaña.