“Big Capital” with its last weekend in the Ravelo Room

“Big Capital” presents its last weekend this Friday and Saturday at the Sala Ravelo in the National Theater at 8:30 pm.

Gianni Paulino y Giamilka Roman Obra Big Capital 1

Produced by Gianni Paulino and directed by Germana Quintana, “Big Capital” offers theater enthusiasts and the general audience a hyper realistic staging which recreates the experience of attending a meeting in a financial company, where the effects of screens, sounds and sensations size the experience of seeing theater.

Gianni Paulino, Giamilka Román and Mario Núñez compete for the attention of the spectators who will see on stage, two brilliant women who confront each other to defend sexual preferences, work choices, social imputations and the value of life.

The dramatic comedy written in a caustic and intelligent language by the Dominican filmmaker Iván Alcántara, presents today’s woman to the public; the one who assumed the stereotype of male behavior, the one who surrendered its ethical and moral values to succeed in life, the one who, instead of freeing herself, became enslaved in the walls of the economic centres, leaving family and relationships out to have a successfull career.

Participate in the work “Big Capital” 4 characters; the CEO, the client, the husband and the technology, resource that the author uses to define before the audience the multitasking life of the contemporary women.

Gianni Paulino, producer and actress said: “I think that the one who sees this work roars with laughter of the occurrences and good jokes, but at the same time, he will be surprised, he will be moved and he will identify with these women who are very different from the image that they project on scene”.