The 11th “Festival International de Zouk” is actively preparing

The 11th edition of the Festival International de Zouk (FIZ) de la Guadeloupe (International Zouk Festival of Guadeloupe) will take place from July 20th to August 1st. The organizers have planned a very rich program around zouk music, dance, visual arts during these thirteen days.

Expo d'Art FIZ 9
Eleven artists (painters, sculptors, poets and photographers) have already announced their participation in the large exhibition of the FIZ whose theme is “Rhythms and Feelings”

Regarding the section dedicated to “Plastic Arts”, it will include the art exhibition, launched since 2011. This major exhibition which has now become a must on the island, in particular to discover the talent of amateur artists, will be held from July 20 to 27 at the Centre Culturel Rémy Nainsouta in Pointe-à-Pitre; the official opening will take place on July 20. Its theme will be “Rhythms and Feelings”. Eleven artists – among them painters, sculptors, poets and photographers – have already announced their participation.

If the 2017 edition had made a focus on the famous zouk singer and musician, Patrick Saint-Éloi (1958-2010), this year the artist who is envisaged was also a singer and musician from Guadeloupe who has also contributed to the espansion of zouk music, it is Gilles Floro (1964-1999).

In addition, art induction workshops will be organized from July 24 to 26. They will last between 10 and 12 hours and will not exceed a dozen people who will have to pay 5,00 euros for the necessary material. Participants will discover, among other things, drawing, painting, customization of Tshirts, modeling, papier-mâché.

FIZ 2017 - Concours de DJ
DJ Dydy (12 years old), the winner of the 2017 Best DJ Zouk Mix contest.

Street dance and music as innovations

Regarding the section dedicated to “Dance”, a master class will bring together young people and adults and a big mural with all trends of the West Indian popular dance will be designed.

The section dedicated to “Music” will be evidently very rich. It will comprise :

– a “Contest of live bands” and the winning song will be highlighted by the Fédération Guadeloupéenne de Carnaval – FCG (Guadeloupean Federation of Carnival) during the next carnival;

– a dee-jay contest and a singing competition that will be organized as part of the “Tremplins” (Springboards), registration is already open;

– the zouk night for night owls, called “FIZ by night”;

– the concerts entitled “Zouk Love pour la Paix”, “Zouk Beach party” and “Gwada Zouk Jam” (day of outdoor and family animation).

“Zouk Gran Moun” which is an entertaining afternoon for our seniors and “Zouk Handi” which is a moment for sharing and a relaxing time for disabled persons in order to gather everyone around this music that belongs to Guadeloupean people.

In addition, this 2018 edition will also propose innovations such as street dance and street music in partnership with the FGC.

People interested in the Festival International de Zouk de Guadeloupe (artists, sponsors and volunteers) can contact the organizers right now.


Phone: 0690 305 219