The website to learn Guadeloupean Creole with Benzo was created! is the name of this platform.

He said he did! One year ago, to the day, Benzo informed us that he had just launched a crowdfunding campaign on in order to realize a project that was close to his heart : teaching Creole through Internet. “A training in Creole language online to allow it to spread beyond our borders and avoid its death”, he said. 8,000 euros were needed.

From October 8 to November 24, 2021, Benjamin Moïse, nicknamed Benzo, was able to convince 180 donors to support him and raise 8,621 euros.

Today, the retired teacher who is a storyteller, writer, researcher, actor and musician in the band Kasika, is very happy to present to the public this platform – – that will allow him to teach Creole through his “special” method.

This training is composed of five main sections : the “creolization process”, resulting from 15 years of research (1st part); conjugation (2nd part); grammar (3rd part); thematic vocabularies (4th part); pronunciation (5th part). Workshops, dictations, tales, quizzes, personalized support, among others, will be offered to participants.