The audience of the Memorial ACTe got enthusiastic about K’Koustik group

This Saturday, August 10, there is a concert that should not be missed : that of K’Koustik at the Memorial ACTe in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe).

K'Koustik au MACTe 9A
Jean-Marc Ferdinand & Joby Julienne

The group consisting of Jean-Marc Ferdinand (percussionist and vocal lead), Joby Julienne (percussionist), Alex Jabot (guitarist) and Fabrice Fanfan (double bass player) accompanied by a guest from France, Xavier Richardeau (clarinettist) had given an appointment to its fans and people who do not yet know its music at the Convention and Living Arts Hall of the Memorial ACTe.

Organized as part of the cycle “Itinérances et Imaginaires”, before this concert there was on Saturday, August 3, a “Career of artists: Traces and Genesis” dedicated to Jean-Marc Ferdinand and after, on Sunday, August 11, a “Kalakaswé” led by this same artist who is also a dancer. This introduction to dance will be presented in a future article by

This Saturday, August 10, about a hundred fans of Caribbean rhythms and rhythms from elsewhere (Guadeloupean ka, Cuban bolero, Brazilian choro, American jazz etc.) had responded to K’Koustik invitation. The group’s leader, Jean-Marc Ferdinand, who is well-known for his skills to put people in a good mood, underlined the pleasure they had in offering this concert to the audience, explaining that K’Koustik had been the first group to inaugurate this hall at the opening of the MACTe in 2015. The spectators took a lot of pleasure in listening to the classics of Guadeloupean music, some of them come from gwoka music, in K’Koustik style. Among the song performed, there were “Klé a Titin”, “Rimèd la”, “On Vyékò ka déklaré”, “Zandoli”, “Jòj”.