Marie-José Mauranyapin “Thykaï” : multidisciplinary artist and anthropologist

For the oldest of us, Marie-José Mauranyapin is not a stranger because she was an announcer at RFO, years ago, at the time when nice faces presented television programmes. She is an artist known as Thykaï and she became an anthropologist in India, a country where she lived for 25 years. During the 10th edition of the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe that took place from June 14 to 16, we met her, she was on a stand sponsored by Lékouz, a new local beer, with two artist friends, Bruno Métura and Rudy-Marc Roquelaure.

Marie-Josée Mauranyapin Thykaï 5A

At the largest art fair in Guadeloupe, Marie-José Mauranyapin, better known as Thykaï, presented a series of sculptures entitled “Shapes in Love” made among others with mahogany, gold leaves and bas reliefs in white sandstone as well as an impressive sculpture called “Mystiques Interrogations” in clay from Guadeloupe. Guadeloupean sculptor is not unknown in the local art world even if she stayed aw