David Damoison and Cynthia Phibel explore the worlds of work with their art

Initially scheduled from February 09 to March 09, 2022, the first stage of this traveling residency with the theme: “Arts and Worlds of Work” will continue until the end of this month of March with the artists David Damoison and Cynthia Phibel.

Cynthia Phibel
Photo: Cynthia Phibel

The two lovers of the art of photography, David Damoison and Cynthia Phibel, are currently performing at Montebello. Numerous photographs and actions were carried out with the employees of this 121-year-old Guadeloupean company which is well known for the production of distilled alcoholic beverages. The aim of this artists’ residency is to try to provide answers to certain questions such as: “What do the “world of art” and the “world of business” have in common? At what point do we speak of “world of work” and “world(s) in the plural” because the world of art is also a world of work?”, said Cynthia Phibel.

Supported by the Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DAC, in French) in Guadeloupe, the city of Goyave and La Souvenance-Maison Schwarz-Bart and coordinated by the association ARC Prod, this project is conducted in close collaboration with Caraïbes Factory, an agency specialized in the organization of company visits, founded by Sylvia Phibel Puissant. “The project “Art and worlds of work”, of which they are the first winners in Guadeloupe, is fully consistent with our ambition to bring out another view of the world of industry and show, through a creative prism, the soul and the history of the machines that make our daily life”, she said. “What we hope through this experience is that this residency will raise awareness of our partner companies, our customers by opening art to a corporate audience not always connected to art in our regions (…) David Damoison and Cynthia Phibel have also demonstrated their commitment to the social approach that we are concerned about”, she continued.

David Damoison
Photo: David Damoison

Bringing art and culture into the company

For Livio Loïal, president of ARC Prod, the choice of Caraïbes Factory was totally obvious : “Art and worlds of work” is a challenge to the idea that the world of business meets relatively rarely the spheres of artistic creation. Based on the principle that one of the roles of art is to create wonder, but above all to weave a link (…) Caraïbes Factory was immediately for us, when we were writing the note of intention, the company the most capable to receive, this very first residence “Art and worlds of work” in the Antilles-Guyane region. Because it is in contact with many companies of which it proposes to discover the backstage (…)”, he explained.

An appeal is therefore made to other companies in Guadeloupe to become partners. It is not too late to participate in this project. In short, during this travelling artists’ residency, it will be a matter of welcoming artists for an artistic intervention without any compensation, of making this artistic action converge with the company’s social responsibility approach, of bringing art and culture to the company and of boosting contemporary creation.

Phibel Damoison 5

Answers to questions

For their part, the two photographers promise to answer all the questions that entrepreneurs and their employees will ask, such as : What to expect from this residency? What devices will they be able to put in place as artists to explore and combine their expectations?

David Damoison was born in 1963 in Malakoff of a Martinican father and a French (Tarn) mother. He lives and works in Paris. He studied photography at the École Boulle and then worked as an assistant in several studios including the American Center in Paris. His photographs have been published in many magazines (Revue Noire, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, Télérama…).

Cynthia Phibel was born in Guadeloupe in 1979 and she holds degrees in visual arts, history and philosophy of art. In her work, she combines photography with other disciplines (drawing, video, installation etc.). In 2003, she received the prize of the gallery La Filature in Mulhouse and she has already exhibited in Guadeloupe, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United States, Benin, Cameroon, Reunion Island, France, notably at the Orangerie of the Senate as part of the collective exhibition OMA…