Cynthia Phibel participates in the exhibition “Cartographie des possibles” by Barthélémy Toguo in Luxembourg

Guadeloupean artist-author and photographer Cynthia Phibel - Photo: Jessica Laguerre

From January 27 to February 26, 2022, the Nosbaum Reding gallery in Luxembourg presents Barthélémy Toguo’s exhibition entitled “Cartographie des possibles” (Cartography of the possibilities). Guadeloupean Cynthia Phibel is one of seven artists invited by the famous Cameroonian visual artist.

Barthélémy Toguo devant Bandjoun Station 2016 Facebook
Barthélémy Toguo in front of the Bandjoun Station cultural center 2016 – Photo: Facebook page

“It is a “Cartography of the possibilities”. Like a meeting of 8 different worlds. In the idea of the Meeting in the sense of Édouard Glissant who speaks of All the World. And, in the observation of a world which, in the light of the pandemic, is moving, transforming, and digitalizing itself by renouncing to dehumanize itself by the strength of creation and the abolition of borders. Symbolically, this exhibition is an immersive invitation into our worlds…”, explains Barthélémy Toguo on his Facebook page.

Thus, the well-known Cameroonian visual artist (55) – who founded the famous Bandjoun Station cultural center in his country in 2008 – has invited seven artists to present their world during this meeting organized at the Nosbaum Reding gallery in Luxembourg, which will last almost a month (from January 27 to February 26, 2022).

Cynthia Phibel - Destina 1
Cynthia Phibel – “Destina”

Several exhibitions and artist residencies since 2002

All participants come from the African continent – Bright Eke (Nigeria), Yacob Fall (Senegal), Richard Laté Lawson-body (Togo), Ky Siriki Ky (Burkina Fasso), Amy Sow (Mauritania), Freddy Tsimba (DRC) – with the exception of Cynthia Phibel who comes from the Caribbean and more precisely from Guadeloupe. The Caribbean artist makes, in a way, a return to the land of her ancestors by creating a dialogue between her works and those of these African artists and she also symbolizes an open door on the African diaspora in the world, born of slavery. “This exhibition is an opportunity for beautiful encounters even from a distance,” she says.

Cynthia Phibel is 43 years old and presents herself as an artist-author and photographer. She studied art history and continues “a research work through a reflection on aesthetic practices and the studio in the context of the French West Indies”. During these last twenty years, she participated in several exhibitions in the French Caribbean, in Reunion Island (Béatrice Binoche Gallery), in France (L’Orangerie du Sénat as part of the collective exhibition OMA). The young woman also participated in numerous artist residencies in Benin, Cameroon, USA and Europe. In 2003, she received the La Filature Gallery Award in Mulhouse.

Cynthia Phibel - L'accordéoniste 3
Cynthia Phibel – “L’accordéoniste”

Various modes of expression

Notions of displacement, mutation and social transformation are at the center of the artist’s artistic and plastic approach. “She questions mixed identities and the question of “stories” between individual histories and collective history (…) Starting quite systematically from the practice of drawing and photography, she invests all modes of expression for the need of the projects (…)”, we read in her biography.

On the occasion of this exhibition by Barthélémy Toguo, Cynthia Phibel will show the visitors a beautiful series of portraits that combines digital drawing, watercolor and acrylic. “This is a new series, no one knows this work yet. It’s a return to my early days with painting without leaving a certain photographic eye”, the artist says.

The opening of the exhibition “Cartographie des possibles” will take place on January 27, 2022 at 6:00 pm at the Nosbaum Reding gallery.