Christmas and New Year celebrations: offer a work of art with Concept’Art!

Choosing a gift can often be complicated. For these Christmas and New Year celebrations, the Concept’Art gallery directed by Franck Thévenaud and located in Jarry offers the public to give a work of art. The price of paintings by local artists, some of them are well-known, starts from 50 euros. A certificate of authenticity and an invoice are given to the customer.

Concept'Art 1A

When you enter the premises of the Monplaisir Immobilier agency located at the Voie Verte in the Jarry industrial area, you arrive in an art gallery. It is in this company managed by his wife Franck Thévenaud has chosen to show works by artists with whom he collaborates when he has created in 2016 this gallery unlike any other, Concept’Art. On the walls paintings by several artists are hung; others are on the floor, on a table, we also see a sculpture… During this Christmas and New Year period, the works are more numerous and varied. Indeed the gallery owner has decided to launch a promotional campaign allowing art lovers and novices to see the local artistic production and to offer it as gifts. “This sale at the end of the year has been in existence for four years but, this year, Concept’Art has decided to open it more with a larger number of artists and more varied styles. So, there are more paintings. It is impossible for someone to find any work of art he likes among those exhibited here”, said Franck Thévenaud

Concept'Art 28B

200 works of art by 18 artists

Around 200 paintings by our artists are waiting to find buyers to decorate the walls of dozens of houses in Guadeloupe and elsewhere. Works by well-known and highly rated on the art market artists are displayed with those by young and emerging artists: Yann Claude Rimbert, Florence Poirier-NKPA, François Piquet, Laurrence Brudey, Marie Aimer, Yves Bercion, Mathias Floret, Margot Asphe, Alain Joséphine, Denis Ninine, Joanna Rao, Jérôme Sainte-Luce, Micheline Souprayen, Myriam Mocka-Célestine, Ylda Decrop, Karine Galas, Maurice Vital and Jean-Marc Hunt.

“So if you don’t know what gift to offer, give a work of art! At Concept’Art, we have paintings at all prices and for all budgets; prices start at 50 euros (some works are painted by famous artists) and can reach 9,000 euros. The great majority of works of art cost between 150 euros and 400 euros. Whatever the price of the painting purchased, a certificate of authenticity and an invoice are given to the customer”, he explained.

Concept’Art‘s slogan: “Buy the works from artists in their lifetime, when they are dead they will no longer need it and you will no longer have the means!”

Concept'Art 29C

A work of art as an investment

In order to better convince the public, the gallery owner continued: “You have to visit a relative or a friend, you know his tastes, you can bring him a nice painting at a reasonable price. If you have the means and you want a work at a high price, I can also show you this type of paintings. You even have the possibility of clubbing together to buy this work of art. For these Christmas and New Year celebrations, offering a work of art will always be better than offering a bottle of alcohol if you are invited. The work you buy can also go up in value”.

Concept’Art plays on transparency because if this sale campaign is intended to democratize art, it also aims to allow our artists to make a living from their art. So, like any item in a store, next to each work we can see the name of the artist and the price we have to pay to acquire it.

It must also be known that in addition to the works exhibited at Monplaisir Immobilier, Concept’Art works in collaboration with companies that love art. Customers are also given the opportunity to visit the various exhibitions currently being organized at Vadex, Opcalia, LB Développement, MÉDEF, Le Nocibé restaurant or a physiotherapist’s office in order to find the desired work of art.