Benzo needs money to teach online Creole

Benjamin Moïse aka Benzo - Photo: Évelyne Chaville

From October 8 to November 24, 2021, the well-known Benjamin Moïse aka Benzo (former teacher, storyteller, writer, researcher, actor and musician in the band Kasika) is soliciting financial support from Internet users to launch a Creole language training. He needs 8,000 euros to make his project a reality and has already received 3,650 euros from 86 people.

Benzo - Ulule

If Benzo wants to launch this Creole training course soon, it is to allow our language “to shine brightly beyond our borders and avoid its disappearance”, he says. “Based on the observation that our language is crumbling due to globalisation and the lack of transmission, I have worked hard to understand the structure in order to better transmit it. For many years now, I have enjoyed working to promote and enhance our culture and customs throughout the world (France, Africa, Caribbean, Canada). Creole is certainly the greatest intergenerational lever for transmitting our culture and unfortunately it has not yet been sufficiently documented (…)”, he explains.

Thanks to his unique method, he promises that students will be able to write and read at least 500 words in Creole in one hour with minimal effort. To do this, he will use audio dictations ; varied and stimulating exercises ; exchanges with Creole speakers ; books ; stories and typical quotes, etc.

These courses are aimed at the new generation, culture lovers, the diaspora, Creole speakers wishing to develop their skills, the National Education, etc.

Benzo has chosen crowd funding on the Ulule platform to raise 8,000 euros. To participate in this operation, just click on this link : Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family so that this defender of Creole can reach his goal, otherwise your contribution will be automatically refunded.

This money will be used for the creation of a website, the communication campaign, among others. The financial participation starts from 1 euro and, depending on the amount paid, you will have access to the whole training : for example from 20 euro (1 month access), 90 euros (2 years access).